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I’ve had the same hairstyle for YEARS. I have an off-centre parting & my hair reaches to just below my shoulders. My fringe was grown-out years ago, but my last haircut had it tapered, so it’s mostly all the same length, but gradually gets shorter towards the fringe. So, the back’s around my shoulder blades & the front is sort of grazes across my shoulders.

However, I rarely have the time to style it properly – so a wash & wear style would be best… My hair’s really thick, so straightening & curling doesn’t really work…

I really need a change of style now though, as the whole "curtains" thing I got going on here is growing a bit old.

Longer hairstyles would be preferred but if you recommend some short styles, that would be ok.

P.S: I’ve been told that I wouldn’t suit a short hairstyle as I’m broad shouldered & have quite a round face. I don’t really like wearing my hair up either, as I don’t like having my face on full-show.

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