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I have long hair (mid back) which as a result of colouring / straightening etc is in really bad condition. I went to a salon about 6 weeks ago and was told that it needed to be cut short, as in chin length Bob. I was so horrified that I’ve done nothing and it’s only getting worse!

Because it’s getting worse my BF has given me an ultimatum, have my hair cut by next Friday or he’ll take me to a salon on Saturday – I know he’s being cruel to be kind!

I think I’ve got a good face for short hair – heart shape / oval, petite features, not bad cheekbones, full lips etc, so

What do you think is the best short hair for girls? – I’m thinking in terms of what will suit me (I think I could get away with all) but also what’s the trendiest:
Asymmetric BOB

Thanks! Pics would be great.

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