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So im getting a bit fed up with my current hairstyle..its too thick..and long. I will get a haircut in the summer so I have about 2 months to decide what to do with it! At the moment it is quite damaged…I have a LOT of split ends…which have frayed out and traveled up my hair…thing is I realize I have to cut them off, but it they are frayed out and traveled up my hair, I don’t want to cut it short? I straighten it most days, because my hair is very thick. I don’t know whether to put layers in my hair or not, will it make it look like a mushroom? The length of my hair is just below ‘boob’ length, but am willing to cut it as long as it gets into a pony tail for sport reasons. My face shape is inbetween round/oval… what will suit my face shape?
How bad is it too have split ends? and is there anyway I can help get rid of it without useing all these fancy products?

So my hair is thick, long, annoying, damaged, no style… can anyone suggest anything? 🙁
I am 15, if that affects anything lol.
*Will choose best answer*

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